I help driven online entrepreneurs, just like yourself, scale their business to multiple six figures through the art of sales funnels, launching and passive income. To own a business which is hugely profitable, yet not exhausting. To have as much fun and ease while impacting as many people as possible with your offers. 

Long gone are the days of just doing 1:1 work, as you reached a limit on how much you could earn with the amount of time you have. 


You also didn’t start your own business to be constantly burnt out helping others build their business, and not scaling your own business quicker. 


You’ve launched other offers such as courses, programs and memberships. You’ve had five-figure launches but you want to be more strategic and build more passive income. 


You want the strategy and analytics to tweak your funnels so they are converting the highest! 


Live launches are fun, but six-figure passive income is the dream goal. 


I’ve been there trying to create 1:1 services which will get me to six-figures, shifting my messaging and appealing to clients who understand the value I bring. But it’s not always smooth sailing. Sometimes I’ve felt like it’s one big hamster wheel to find new clients as current projects end. Leaves you feeling dizzy and overwhelmed, right? 


I’ve also been there with live launching, especially with my clients who have had BIG results where we’ve tweaked their strategy to make it bigger and bigger each time. But it’s exhausting and involves consistent strategies in place to be super visible attracting new leads then nurturing the leads ready for cart open. Launching is great for introducing new offers and creating more visibility, but not so great in terms of having more free time. 


This is where working more behind the scenes of your business: creating unique offerings for your specific audience, building funnels which keep people engaged and wanting to know what’s next, making passive income with as much ease and fun as possible is the new era of your business and where I can come in to support you. 

I can help you build sales funnels which scale your business to multiple six-figures, give you time and freedom back and help leave a lasting impact in your industry.


From starting my business as a general VA in 2017, to niching down as a tech expert then a funnels and launch strategist I’ve built up the knowledge and experience which supports clients who are serious about scaling. From building out new offerings, email sequences and the content planning we can track leads and make adjustments to increase conversions. 


The online business world excites me, as it’s the future, it’s allowing people to have more freedom and happiness. 


You probably have dreams of traveling the world (more), same for me, before I moved to Indonesia, I lived in Australia for two years. Ever since I spent six weeks travelling around South-East Asia, I knew I had to live by the beach. My big dream is to travel around Central and South America next.


It’s funny because I studied Fashion Management and Marketing at university and used to dream about working as a Fashion Buyer and moving to New York City. Travelling changes you, gives you a different perspective on life. 


When I was in Indonesia for one month on my way home back to England after Australia, I stumbled across a company called Bucketlist Bombshells on Instagram and it literally changed my life. I knew I wanted the whole “work online and travel the world” lifestyle but had no idea how I was going to achieve it until Bucketlist Bombshells introduced me to the term virtual assistant. 


I went through a couple of their courses, created my own website, but still didn’t try to find clients (major imposter syndrome), I just focused on my “safe” retail job that I had. But at the end of 2017, I decided to go back to Indonesia to try it out for a couple months and actually focus on trying to build my own online business. I’ve been living here ever since. I’ve had many ups and downs, like every other business owner. Now I’m at such a stable place with my business and my personal life, things couldn’t be better!


I’m so passionate about supporting others to build their business so they can have financial and location independence too. To build profitable businesses which allow them to work less and experience life more. If I made it happen, anyone can. 

My clients have been able to have more time back in their lives while scaling their business to multiple six-figures. Are you ready for this too?


Feeding my Lombok beach/street dogs. I also have 4 dogs at home

Learning to surf while not drowning and getting too smashed​

Burritos, mash potatoes and cups of tea (consumed separately)

Napping in the sun reading a fiction book at my fave beach in Lombok


Created by Bucketlist Bombshells in May 2019​